Vanessa Chavez at Blue Roof Equestrian Center

Get ready… get set… Show!

Well almost ready, there are some steps that could be helpful before you jump right into the show season. Taking your time to get things organized before you show can help remedy a lot of stress and frustration.

First things first, start PLANNING

Get out your omnibus or calendar on show events and circle the shows you are interested in. Are you going to do recognized shows or just schooling shows? Knowing this will dictate what membership you will need. You should also start planning what level you will show at, ask your trainer or friend to help you decide what level is best.   You may also want to write down some goals for the show season.


If it helps you organize, get a binder that will hold all of your show information or maybe a file on your computer to hold everything. I like to have a binder with copies of all my memberships (all on one page), coggins, proof of vaccination and breed papers. This way even if you sent your entry in online you’ll have everything the show secretary might need in hand.


Now get your memberships, if you haven’t already. Usually the horse will have a lifetime membership but make sure you and the horse have all the needed memberships. If you plan to qualify for championship and regionals you will need RMDS, USDF and USEF memberships. If you have questions reach out to BVD or USDF and USEF for more information.


Next on the list is fashion. Depending on the level you’re riding and which shows you go to your attire must meet the rules. For example, a schooling show will just require some clean riding pants and shirt. However, for a recognized show you will need boots, white/tan pants, coat, stock tie, the list goes on. Ask your friends if you can barrow items if you don’t have everything yet.


A couple months before your show you should be practicing the test(s) you have picked out or pieces of the test. You should be pretty familiar with your test so nothing is a surprise when you get to the show. You may want to practice one day in your show attire so you know everything will fit and not prohibit your normal riding routine.

Lastly, have FUN. That’s why we do this sport after all!